Michael Martinez strikes gold at 2015 Asian Open Figure Skating tourney

Michael Christian Martinez managed to end up second in the free skating segment of the 2015 Asian Open Figure Skating tournament in Bangkok, Thailand but racked up enough points to come out as the overall winner of the Senior Men category over at Bangkok, Thailand.

Martinez finished the free skating event with a total segment score of 116.39 behind Keiji Tanaka of Japan who topped the field with 121.06.

However, Martinez became the overall winner in the category after racking up a sizeable lead yesterday in the short program segment.

Martinez finished the short program with a total score of 72.14, while Tanaka only had 61.64. Hence, by adding the segment scores for the short program and the free skating segments, Martinez finished with a higher TSS (72.14 + 116.39 = 188.53) compared to Tanaka (61.64 + 121.06 = 182.70).

From: sports.tempo.com.ph